Lake District Pet Soap

Our Jersey cow’s milk soap is perfect for your pets. The pasteurised cow’s milk we use is nourishing and gentle and we select ingredients that are not overly scented, ensuring that our shampoo bars are ideally suited to your dogs. Pet shampoo can be pricey, smell awful and worse still, your dogs often hate it. Our dog wash bars are mild and made to carefully wash and clean fur whilst not offending sensitive noses. Make dog washing more enjoyable for both you and your furry friends with a natural soap bar that you’ll both enjoy.

The Soap Dairy make handmade soaps in small batches from natural ingredients, packaged in paper and card, offering a more skin-friendly, planet-friendly soap alternative to mass produced, plastic bottled products full of unknown chemicals. We list the ingredients of our natural soaps and shampoo bars next to every product, so you know what you’re buying and why we have chosen it.

We’ve been asked, ‘how often should you wash your dog?’. We would suggest rinsing your dog as and when needed, but only using dog washing products when necessary although we understand that some of our four-legged friends need more cleaning that others! Even natural pet shampoo bars have the potential to affect the delicate balance of your dog’s skin and fur so always try a small area first before an all-over wash. Our recommendation for washing a dog with our products is to produce a lather with the bar first then rub it carefully into your dog’s fur and rinse thoroughly.

We handmake two different types of dog wash bars, our Good Hair Day bar which contains rosemary oil, vitamin e and shea butter for a shiny, clean coat and our Quench the Stench bar that helps to neutralize odors with cedar wood essential oil and jojoba oil. Both bars produce a lesser amount of foam than our other shampoo bars and bar soaps, making them much more suited to your pets.

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