Lake District Soap

Lovingly made with from natural ingredients that are locally sourced, The Soap Dairy is passionate about soap. Located in the heart of the English Lakes, our soaps are primarily made from Jersey cow’s milk, goat’s milk or sheep’s milk. We add ingredients such as cold-pressed rapeseed oil from a fellow northern farm, salts and minerals to colour and firm along with fresh water to produce bars that are perfect for sensitive skin or those wanting a more natural soap bar.

Our bar soap can be used both for face and body washing and the scents we use are inspired by our natural surroundings here in the Lake District. We don’t make just women’s soap or men’s soap – our handmade soap is suited to anyone who appreciates a more environmentally friendly soap option, packed with natural ingredients that smell great and make you feel wonderful.

Made by hand in small batches on our farm workshop, the ingredients we pick have been carefully chosen for their unique properties. Our packaging is made from paper and card, making it recyclable and biodegradable, except for our travel sets which come in a metal travel tin which can be used over and over again and taken with you wherever you roam. We don’t test our products on animals, we use farmers instead!

Hand soap for the kitchen, dog soap for your four-legged friends, shaving soap for the shower or as a shampoo soap bar for your locks, whatever you use your Soap Dairy soap for, we know that it is as kind to your skin as it is on the planet.

Our product descriptions list all ingredients and possible allergens. We make sure you know what your bath products are made from so you can choose the best option for you and your body. One of our bestselling products is our goat milk soap, which uses by-products of cheesemaking to create a soap that is friendly to your skin and scented to soothe. Or try our Gold Top bars of soap which contain shea butter and aloe butter for a silky smooth natural soap.

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