Lake District Haircare

The Soap Dairy not only make gorgeous handmade natural soap, but we also make all natural shampoo bars. We currently produce six different types of bar shampoo by hand in small batches which are suited to different hair types. We appreciate that not all hair is the same and as such we offer tried and tested hair products that will work best for your hair.

Shampoo bars actually predate bottled shampoo but way back when they often left hair dry, scalps itchy and were a million miles away from the sumptuously scented bars you know and love today. Modern shampoo bars were reborn and reimagined to offer hair care products that are plastic-free amidst growing demand for climate change and protecting our environment.

We select natural ingredients for their helpful properties, such as apple cider vinegar for our natural hair shampoo bars for oily hair. Our hair products are made using pasteurised Jersey cow’s milk which is nourishing and moisturising and can be used for women’s and men’s haircare, beard care and even for pets. Our bar shampoo is gentle enough to use on babies and we make a fragrance-free, white shampoo bar which is perfect for sensitive and young skin. We break down and explain all the ingredients we use in our natural shampoo so you can make informed choices about what you want to use on your own body.

The benefit of using a shampoo bar over a bottled shampoo, aside from the fact our packaging is made from cardboard and paper, is that shampoo bar soap contains less harmful chemicals, lasts longer and is generally better for your hair. The lack of additives means that our hair products don’t strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils and leave your lovely locks soft and clean.

Our customers rave about our products, and we believe we offer one of the best shampoo bars out there. We have tried and tested them on farmers and have had nothing but positive feedback, which is high praise indeed. Try our gorgeous shampoo bars for yourselves.

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