Shear Delight Wool Wash Bar

This wool wash bar, made especially for our wool brand Shear Delight, is perfect for hand washing your woollens. The lanolin and milk it contains will brighten up your garments and leave them feeling wonderfully silky soft. The bars are fragranced with my favourite blend from our Spring Selection Box, ‘From the Top of Bell Wood’, with a light subtle smell of daisies and fresh pine.


These bars come wrapped in our Soap Dairy branded greaseproof paper, in a hand printed canvas bag. Inside the bag are instructions on how to use the bar. The bags can be kept and reused, and the greaseproof paper recycled or composted, so there’s zero waste. Bars are 50g minimum weight. We also now have a small trial size wool wash bar wrapped simply in glassine paper, these are minimum weight 25g.

Both full and trial sizes are available with or without lanolin, and with or without fragrance.

Ingredients: Sodium rapeseedate (rapeseed oil), Aqua, Lac (Jersey milk), Lanolin, Sodium lactate, Titanium dioxide, parfum.

How to use your wool wash bar:

1. Add lukewarm water to a bowl or sink large enough to fit your project or garments.

2. Wet the wool wash bar in the water and build up a good lather.

3. Leave the bar out of the water to dry naturally.

4. Swish the water to disperse the soap before adding your wool project.

5. Immerse your items in the water and leave it for about 20 minutes.  But you might want to turn it over after a few minutes, so you know it’s been fully submerged.

6. Gently rinse in a fresh bowl of lukewarm water and dry flat.

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