Lake District Jersey Milk Soap The Pioneer

The Pioneer: The woodlands, where our cattle graze in winter, are filled with oak and birch. Birch is a pioneer species; able to restore damaged eco systems and improve the soil.

We have increased our creamy Jersey milk soap bar size to a 90g bar which is a lovely chunky size. However, you can also cut the bars down to use as guest soaps or if you prefer a smaller size. We also have the slim version of each fragrance at 60g.


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The ingredients we use:
We use Mr. Hugh’s cold pressed rapeseed oil and rice bran oil for skin conditioning and we use coconut oil for cleansing. Aqua is obviously water and Lac is our Jersey cow’s milk. We use sodium lactate (a salt) to make a harder bar of soap so that it will last longer for you. Some of the soaps contain organic activated charcoal made from coconut shells. This is a natural exfoliant and great cleanser. Parfum refers to essential oil and fragrance oil and the chemicals listed are all potential allergens contained in these. The CI codes are colours. I use mica colours, which are finely ground coloured minerals. Although most of the soaps only contain one colour, the colours I use are often a mix of a few different pigments, hence the list!

INGREDIENTS: Sodium rapeseedate, Sodium cocoate, Sodium ricebranate, Aqua, Lac, Sodium lactate, Activated carbon, Parfum, CI 77019, CI77891, CI77491, *Amyl cinnamal aldehyde, Linalol

*Allergens present in fragrance and essential oils

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